Words that change what your audience does.

18 years' corporate experience defining communication and training needs
...and developing the most effective way to deliver your message.



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Communicate your message clearly, concisely, correctly—and effectively.

Streamline and focus your existing content; or combine multiple documents into a seamless package.

Spend training time improving critical tasks and getting more businesses instead of just presenting a mountain of facts—and do it in less time.

Use your website or internal systems to reach a widely dispersed audience around the clock—even with rapidly changing content.

Why use a freelancer?

  • Only pay for the work you need now.

  • Project size doesn't matter.

  • Your staff becomes more productive when free to concentrate on the tasks they do best.

  • Supplement your in-house staff during heavy workloads.

  • Get access to wide experience with multiple industries, audiences, writing styles, and media.

  • Polish, condense, or refit your existing material to new media.

  • Use freelancer's valuable outside perspective from a potential customer's or new user's viewpoint.

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If it doesn't change what people do, why bother?

That's the idea behind absolutely everything I'll do as I partner with you to get results. 

Businesses advertise their products and services, managers train employees on a new process or tool, organizations send news out to their communities...  But in the end, did it change anything? 

Did more new clients contact you?  Are your employees more productive?  Did your team work together more efficiently or handle that crisis well?  Is your non-profit group getting more donations and volunteers?

You can spend endless time and money on websites, brochures, flashy ads, speeches, conferences, outreach efforts, classes, online training, documentation, white papers, reference manuals, you name it—but if your results don't outweigh your expenses, it was all a waste.    Here’s how I'll help. . .

 My Process

1Determine your goal for the project.

I begin your project by helping you pin down the answer to this critical question:  What do you want your audience to do differently after completing the training or seeing your message?  Not what you want them to know or understand...but what you want them to do.  Based on this one critical goal, we can determine how to reach them.

2Identify and focus on your audience.

When your audience sees itself in your message, they listen.  Who is your audience?  I quickly probe to learn as much as I can about your audience, and I'm skilled at customizing training or writing style and vocabulary to fit them.  I've worked professionally with everyone from top-level corporate executives to middle school students, and I'm at home with both.  I'll also help you figure out the best delivery medium to fit your audience, your content, and your budget.

3Communicate clearly, concisely, and correctly.

Changing style to fit your audience never means sacrificing clear language or accuracy.  In fact, the clearest messages come from trainers and writers who know all those grammar, punctuation, and word usage rules thoroughly.  These people know how to put a message together so that each activity and every word pull their weight—there's no extra “junk” to muddle the main point.

4Conduct reviews with you along the way.

This is always your project, so I will ask you to review drafts of the design and materials early on—to be sure I accurately understand your goal, message, and requirements.  I won't wait until the end to ask if I'm on the right track!


Questions?  Email me at Lauri@McIntoshWriting.com

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