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Lauri McIntosh


Allen, Texas
(10 miles north of Dallas)

You'll find plenty of reasons to use an experienced freelance writer, editor, or trainer (and you get all three in one when you use me):

  • You only pay for the work you need now—no extra expense for office space, computer and network equipment, or employee benefits.  If your writing or training needs are unpredictable or infrequent, bringing in a freelancer solves your problem nicely.

  • Project size doesn't matter—freelancers can help you with everything from developing a long-term project from scratch to a quick edit of material that needs to go out this week.

  • Freelancers can supplement your own in-house writing or training staff during heavy workloads.  When the workload returns to normal, so does your staff size.

  • You don't pay for slow work periods—when your project is finished, so are your expenses.  You don't have to find extra work to keep a freelancer busy.

  • Your entire staff becomes more productive when they're free to concentrate on the tasks they do best, without trying to find extra time for documentation, internal or external communication, web content creation or updates, or teaching other employees how to use your systems or processes.

  • You'll have access to my 16 years' corporate experience creating communications and training for multiple industries, audiences, writing styles, and media.  In-house staff can rarely offer this range.

  • Writing quality is always top-notch and professional.  When you ask staff members to add writing tasks to their regular workload, few are comfortable with this type of work.

  • The work your staff has already done isn't wasted; a freelancer can use what you already have and streamline it, polish it to remove grammar or mechanics errors, and even refit it for new media.  An freelance editor can also take the work of multiple people and make it look like it came from one—a huge advantage when making all your materials consistent. 

  • I'm used to getting up to speed quickly on new content, processes, and systems.  I know how to change gears and adapt to each new project or team because I've done it professionally—and successfully—for 16 years.

  • A freelancer brings the valuable "outside" perspective of a potential customer or new user.  It's a fact of life—as people become experts in what they do, they can lose sight of what it's like to be "the new guy,"  user, or customer.  With each new project, I focus on what your audience doesn't know and what will be most important to them.

Contact me to see how I can give you more time to focus on your job while getting the results you need.

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