"Professionals like Lauri continue to expand [our] credibility with customers..."



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“Lauri is a senior-level instructional designer, writer, and developer with great skills in a broad variety of subject areas.  She is a self-starter, reliable, and extremely detail oriented.  In addition, Lauri has great relationship-building skills and works easily with other team members and subject-matter experts.  If I was starting an instructional design business, Lauri is one of the first people I'd recruitshe is top-notch!”

—Dr. Kent Boyer, Pinnacle Technical Resources; Senior Change Management Consultant for EDS, an HP Company; Plano, Texas; submitted to my LinkedIn profile 2009

“I worked with Lauri as an editor for her training courseware.  Lauri's work was always among the cleanest and most complete.  She is exceptionally thorough and detail oriented, and she is a very fast learner.  She is a true team playera great person to work with!”

—Cid Ransom, Editor for EDS, an HP Company; Plano, Texas; submitted to my LinkedIn profile 2009

“Lauri was a very organized, detail-oriented, and results-driven colleague at EDS. In addition, she provided a unique perspective and valuable insight in the design, development, and delivery of several training-related programs. I learned a lot working with Lauri and respect her contributions and skills.”

—Mike Flynn, Project Manager for EDS; Plano, Texas; submitted to my LinkedIn profile 2010

“Lauri provided not only a professional service to conduct these sessions but left these IT professionals from other large companies with a very positive impression of EDS.  Professionals like Lauri continue to expand EDS’s credibility with customers and potential customers.  We very much appreciate her effort, combined with the style and professionalism with which it was delivered, in conducting a very successful forum.”

Ben Asbury, Division Manager for Information Security, EDS Corporate Security; and Fred Jones, Director for Information Security Client-Server Sales and Marketing; describing my work for the I-4 global information security conference sessions hosted by EDS and attended by mid- and upper-level managers from more than 65 corporations around the world; Plano, Texas; 1996

"I think that you and the team are doing a wonderful job on creating, compiling, and editing the Architecture Services documentation.  It is clear, concise and easy to understand ... the EADS [client] response has been great!"

Frances Dubester, Project Manager for EDS; Plano, Texas; 2006

“You have certainly proven to me that you are dedicated with whatever you do, and I am very impressed with your creativity. Keep us in mind if you find yourself wanting additional work.”

Karen Gordon, CEO of Gordon Technical Consulting Inc. (GTCI); Richardson, Texas (2002)

“You are doing a wonderful job [on the website].  I love the info on Gatesville prisons; I have been looking for that for a while.  You are goodvery good.  Everything I have looked at, I like.  It is so fast and easy to read.”

—Linda Strom, Discipleship Unlimited (DU) founder; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; 2002

"You have my full permission to use anything you want for [the] website.  Go for it; and go ahead with putting together your own excerpt ideas for the new book.  You did such a great job with Footsteps, I know you'll put things together wonderfully.”

Bruce Marchiano, film and television actor and author of four books; requesting my work on a website book excerpt section (text and photos) for his second book; North Hollywood, California; 2000

"Thank you for developing the Plano Independent School District's Network Training Course Manual for Windows.  Because of your contributions, the customer will be able to utilize the network as a tool to help in the educational process for the students of Plano.  While the network will have the capability to serve as the technology infrastructure to support the district's plans for major achievements in the educational process, without the proper network user training, their goal will be more difficult to achieve.  The training manual that you developed will give the users a realistic opportunity to accomplish the district's mission.  The EDS Technology Team and the Plano ISD Technology Department join together in thanking you for the extra time and efforts that you put into this assignment.  Because of your contributions, the students, teachers, administrators, and parents will all benefit."

H. Lee Smith, Account Manager for EDS State and Local Government; Plano, Texas; 1994

“Boy, does the Healing For Your Heart [conference] page look great!  Very easy to find what someone would be looking for.”

Donna Dixon, Discipleship Unlimited  (DU) publications staff; commenting on my website section for an upcoming conference hosted by DU; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; 2002

“It was a grand day for us when you made the decision to join the EDS team. Since that day in 1986, your contribution has been accelerated and consistent. If we all had your fundamental traits of leadership, innate work ethic, and demonstrated professionalism, we would have little need for the [Business Improvement Cycle] BIC and iQ [quality] Guide, for it would all be second nature to us. Lauri, you are an intellectual asset of great worth and we're proud that you are a member of the EDS team.”

Robert (Bob) Snyder, Division Manager for Business Continuity, EDS Corporate Security; Plano, Texas (1995)

“Lauri, I sit in amazement.  I went to the website.  I just spent about 45 minutes in silence reading and clicking and reading and clicking ... .  What a beautiful job you have done.  I can't believe you did this all so quickly and so professionally and so well.”

Linda Lentz, Discipleship Unlimited (DU) newsletter editor; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; 2002


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