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Service Types:

Whatever I do, I focus on your business or communication goal for the project.  If the end product of my work doesn't make a positive difference in how your customers, clients, or audience acts, it's not worth doing.  I'll help you focus on what's good for your business throughout my process, from gathering information up front about what's important to you and to your clients . . . to making sure the whole package works toward those issues—down to each little word.

Whether you're a small business, a global corporation, a school district, or a non-profit organization, my process will work for you.

Website Content and Design

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Nowadays, when anyone hears about your business or organization, they ask, "Where's your website?"   If you make a good impression on people but send them to a site that doesn't quickly and clearly tell them what they want to know or (worse yet) contains mistakes or difficult navigation, you've lost them.  And these days, if you have no site at all, people wonder if you're capable (even though you are).

Web content and design must catch your audience's attention even more quickly than a brochure, and it must be effortless to read.  Reading a computer screen tires the eyes more quickly than reading hard copy, so you must communicate key information in a few seconds.

Once your reader is interested, you must make finding what he's looking for easy.  Everyday, immediately understandable words are far better for link titles than creative, non-specific descriptions.  Remember, too, that a user will usually click a link and leave the page before he's read everything there.  You need brief, plain copy on your main pages that allows the user to link to more detail only if he wants it.

  • Website designAlthough website programming is not my primary service, I've programmed small and medium websites since 1999 . . . and still do.  You can see some of my sites on the Websites page of my Portfolio section.  I've also reprogrammed and edited existing sites for accuracy, clarity, usability, and consistency and to make programming more maintainable.  As with all my work, I focus on your business or communication goal and gather enough information about you and your audience to create a site that meets your goal. 

    As we focus the content, we also end up clarifying your entire site design
    and usually your overall marketing or communication message for your entire organization, too.  More than a few clients have realized their marketing direction hadn't been clear until I worked with them to put it into a simple statement and into website menus!  See more about my website experience on my Background page.

Therefore, as a business writer, I know how to make website content work with the site's design and navigation because I've made it all work together on my own.  For that matter, I'll consult with you on ways to make your site better overall for your users.  Your website staff will find working with me easy because I understand both the advantages and limittions of websites.

Additionally, I bring solid experience with human-computer interaction issues from my years leading instructional design projects for computer-based training courses.  I won’t frustrate your website audience with difficult text, layout, or navigation, and I know how a user reads (or often doesn’t read) online.

Training and Education

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  • Corporate and employee education and training

  • Public school staff training documents

  • Curriculum (design, development, and testing phases)

  • Textbooks and other classroom materials

  • Special education materials and documentation

  • Computer-based instruction and e-learning

  • Self-study materials


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You've already written a draft of your content but need someone to streamline what you have and focus it toward your audience.   You're an unbeatable idea person but organization, grammar, and punctuation aren't your strengths.   Maybe several people have written separate items that must sound like they came from one author.   On the other hand, what if you have your finished content but need someone to put it into a format or medium that communicates quickly and effectively?   I've successfully done all these editing tasks more times than I can remember; I can easily do this for you and make it consistent with your other materials.

Brochures, Fliers, and Postcards

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These small documents should catch your audience's attention quickly and convey your key points in a small amount of space.  Your brochure may be the first and only impression you make on your audience, so it has to be good.  I'll help you distill your information down to the primary message you'll need to precisely target your audience and leave them impressed.

Corporate image/identity piecesDo you need a brochure or even a packet of coordinated materials to tell your clients who you are and what you do?  Cutting it down to what will attractively fit into a brochure is a good way to define your own mission statement.

Newsletters and Press Releases

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Telling a "story" is one of the best ways to catch an audience's interest quickly because it engages their emotions.   The more the audience can see themselves in your message, the more relevant it is to them.

Conference Materials

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  • Registration materials

  • Programs

  • Advertising

  • Fliers and posters

Business Publications and Documents

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  • Press releases

  • Advertising copy

  • Trade show booth materials

  • Proposals

  • Business, sales, and promotional letters

  • Annual reports

  • Trade articles and journals

  • Direct mail

Business Planning and Documentation

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  • Business plans

  • Disaster planning and recovery

  • Business process improvement

  • New program or policy roll-out and training

  • Human Resources materials

Technical Projects

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  • Instructions and documentation

  • User and training manuals

  • Job aids (quick reference guides)

Church and Non-Profit Groups

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I've written material for a wide variety of church and ministry needs, including fliers, posters, programs for musicals and plays, Sunday program inserts, newsletters, websites, children's programs, conference materials, and special event invitation cards.

Feature Articles

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You may need feature articles written for other publications or for your own company or organization publication.  Either way, these articles are a great way to increase your business or organization's visibility.

Other Formats

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  • Scripts—speech and video

  • Presentations

  • CD-ROMs

  • Booklets

  • Case histories

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