History of success in the corporate world...  The combination of my 15 years' worth of skills, experience, training, education, and interests combine to make me a writer who can do more than just put words on paper—or on a screen.  I become your partner in getting results from your target audience.  And when I create your message, you can be sure it will be clear, accurate, and well written.

Portfolio and Experience:

Sometimes a message needs a "news" style to reach its audience effectively, and other times you'll need a newsletter, trade publication, press release, or website news section to keep your audience informed.  I've excelled at this type of research and writing since my early days, publishing articles before I graduated from college.  (Family and friends eagerly look forward to my Christmas newsletter because I have a knack for storytelling with plenty of humor.)

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Taylor Talk
Taylor Publishing Company

(Dallas, Texas)
Taylor's "What's New in Yearbooks" client publication.

"So You're the New Yearbook Adviser"
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Copyright © Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, TX.
Texas Outlook
Texas State Teachers' Association

(Austin, Texas)
Member publication of the Texas State Teacher's Association (TSTA).

"Meadows Scholars Outstanding in Their Field"

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Magazine's cover
Copyright © Texas State Teachers' Association, Austin, TX.
NTSU Today
North Texas State University
(Denton, Texas; now renamed "University of North Texas")

"Sharing Resources"
   Magazine's cover
Copyright © North Texas State University, Denton, TX.
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
(Fort Worth, Texas)

"Education is Music to Ears—of Parents"

Copyright © Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Fort Worth, TX.
Denton Record-Chronicle
(Denton, Texas)

"Program Offered in Disaster Planning"

Copyright © Denton Record-Chronicle, Denton, TX.