History of success in the corporate world...  The combination of my 15 years' worth of skills, experience, training, education, and interests combine to make me a writer who can do more than just put words on paper—or on a screen.  I become your partner in getting results from your target audience.  And when I create your message, you can be sure it will be clear, accurate, and well written.

Portfolio and Experience:

Rebar QuickPort Developer's Guide cover

One of the main reasons I write solid content that supports your business goals is that I've spent more than 12 years designing, creating, and implementing a huge range of business processes, plans, and documentation in the corporate environment.  Because much of this work is proprietary, I can't show you as many samples as I'd like to.  However, I'll list examples of my work, and you're welcome to contact me with questions.

These documents are in PDF format; if you do not have a PDF reader,
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Electronic Data Systems (EDS)
Plano, Texas
Technology Support Services

Technical documentation and training for the Technology Support Services and knowledgeCentre teams.

Worked with subject-matter experts to create these manuals and courses.
  • Rebar Prerequisite Software Installation Guide
  • TSS Operations Ready Configuration for Windows Servers
  • TSS Maxamine Traffic Statistics Report Setup Procedures
  • TSS Reporting Services 2000 Configuration Procedures
  • TSS WebLogic v8.15 Installation Procedures
  • TSS WebLogic v8.15 Deployment Procedures
  • SDS ClearTrust Qualification
  • SDS ClearTrust Discovery
  • SDS ClearTrust Solution Instructions
  • Introduction to knowledgeCentre
    (virtual classroom/distance learning medium)
  • knowledgeCentre Steward Training
    (virtual classroom/distance learning medium)
Richardson, Texas

Technical documentation and training for Nortel Networks technologies
  • Nortel certification exam design and updates.
  • Nortel Technical Publications (NTP)—updated various NTPs on technologies for the wireless industry.
Electronic Data Systems (EDS)
Plano, Texas
Architecture Services

Technical documentation for the EDS Enterprise Information and Technology (EIT) Rebar Team

Using my communication and instructional skills, I created and customized these manuals for my primary audience—software developers using the Rebar tool to design web applications.  I created seven major guides and developed standards and format for the Architecture Services division.
  • Rebar Prerequisite Software Installation Guide
  • Rebar QuickPort Installation Guide
  • Rebar QuickPort Developer’s Guide
  • Rebar QuickPort Web Application Deployment Guide
  • Rebar Config.xml Guide
  • Rebar .NET Exception Handling Guide
  • Rebar ADO.NET Data Access Guide
  • Architecture Services Documentation Standards

Rebar QuickPort Developer's Guide cover          Rebar Config.xml Guide cover

Electronic Data Systems (EDS)
Plano, Texas
Corporate Security

Business planning and documentation for Corporate Security and its four divisions—Data Security, Physical Security, Business Continuity (disaster planning and recovery), and Investigations
  • I-4 Security Conference work sessions—I led work sessions for this global information security conference sessions hosted by EDS and attended by mid- and upper-level managers from more than 65 corporations around the world.
  • Business Improvement Cycle project implementation (including process analysis and improvement)—I led Corporate Security managers and divisions through analysis and improvement of their core processes, documenting findings throughout the process.
  • Predictive Work Force Development process creation—I helped create this process then wrote (and delivered) an executive presentation to "sell" this process to other groups within EDS.
  • EDS Crisis Management Team simulated disaster exercise—I helped create, write, and implement the disaster scenario for EDS upper management to perform.
  • Virus Awareness survey—I designed and created the survey (using automated MS Word forms via email), implemented it , analyzed the data, and created an executive report of the findings.
Electronic Data Systems (EDS)
Plano, Texas

EDS Interactive Distance Learning Network
  • EDS Interactive Distance Learning Network (e-learning)—I helped create and cost the original proposal to build the EDS Interactive Distance Learning Network, which broadcasts interactive EDS employee and customer training worldwide plus public non-profit projects such as Dr. Robert Ballard’s JASON project.